What is NetSocial?

A faster, easier way to get ALL your team members sharing company content to maximize your recruiting, branding and sales efforts.

Centralized Content Curation.

Job feeds. Blog feeds. 3rd party content. NetSocial allows you curate the content you want your team to promote, so people don’t have to figure out “what to share.”

Marketing managers, owners and other NetSocial administrators can create “channels” of content for your teams.

Channels can be organized into categories, so you can easily provide the right content to the right people – you know, so salespeople get content that helps them sell and recruiters get content to help them recruit.

Distributed Content Sharing.

NetSocial provides your salespeople, recruiters and other team members with preselected content to share.

Sharing can be fully automated, or people can approve content via email or SMS. Sharing is done to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other connected social networks based on an optimized sharing schedule.

With NetSocial, your people keep control over what gets shared, where it gets shared, and when they share.


Badges. Leaderboards. NetSocial shows your people the impact they are having in real time and encourages them to build their networks and share more frequently.

Performance Tracking.

See the impact of your social marketing for individuals, teams or company-wide. You’ll not only see social impact metrics such as likes and shares, you’ll also see the calculated “earned media” value of your content’s social reach.