How NetSocial Works

Curate. Notify. Share. NetSocial makes social sharing ridiculously easy.

1) Create Your Channels.

What’s a channel? Think of it like a show on Netflix. You create the channels you want your people to share.

Channels can be setup from any RSS feed (like your job board, a blog, YouTube, or a 3rd party website). You can also curate content to a channel from any web page using the NetSocial browser add-in.

Your recruiters might want a channel with their personal jobs or all your company’s featured jobs. Salespeople might want a channel with industry news or employer facing blog content.

Channels allow you to get as creative with the content you want people to share!

2) Set Your Schedule.

Content gets shared based on set time schedules. Schedules can vary by company, team or individual. You can even automated schedule optimization, if you want NetSocial to pick the best times to share.

Each team member can connect their social accounts to NetSocial, set their schedule, subscribe to their desired channels, and their personal sharing queue automatically gets built.

3) Approve. Then share.

With NetSocial, your team members keep complete control over what gets shared, where it gets shared, and when it gets shared.

Each channel can be setup for: automatic or manual approval; which social networks will get the content; and post frequency (number of posts per day or week).

With automatic approval, content goes right to the queue. With manual approval, team members can approve content via email or SMS – all it takes is 1-click to approve!

4) Who’s winning?

Everyone loves a friendly competition, right? NetSocial build user engagement with gamification.

Your team members will earn badges for their content sharing, content engagement and the monetary value of the earned media they have generated for your company.

A leaderboard shows your company’s top performers and the impact each person is having on your social marketing and recruiting.

5) Analytics.

Discover the content that really resonates with your audience—and even see who is engaging with your content. Simplified analytics make it easy to measure the impact (and ROI) from your social marketing.