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Rally the Troops! Get Your Whole Team Involved in Social Sharing

Effective social media marketing is about sharing content – when and where your audiences hang out – to drive more traffic from social media to your site. Not surprisingly, it works best when you write engaging blog posts, add fresh jobs and upload other forms of content (such as webinars) to your site.

To do it consistently, and do it well, enlist the help of your entire team:

Use internal team members to create content and drive engagement.

  • You have experts throughout your company on everything from recruiting, interviewing and improving productivity to writing a great resume and negotiating salary. Tap your team’s expertise to write posts, articles, infographics or other types of content. Don’t try to do it all yourself.
  • Ask everyone to commit to building their social networks and sharing the content you create. More people sharing more content to bigger networks = more website visits and conversions, as well as a stronger brand.

Share the right things to drive people back to your website.

The real focus of social media activity is to get people from those platforms back to your website. If everybody on your team only shares articles from other websites, you are only doing a great job helping those other sites (and not driving traffic to your own).

Automate your social sharing with NetSocial.

When you do it manually, social sharing requires a bit of training – and time. But thankfully, NetSocial automates social sharing to get your jobs, blog posts and videos in front of more job seekers and staffing decision-makers with NO extra work or special training required!

Find out how NetSocial can increase your content reach and social marketing impact.

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